FAQ - frequently asked questions

Cost of a quote
Q: If I make an enquiry, will it cost me anything?
A: No. Generally, there is no charge for quotes
and if your job is in the Sydney metropolitan area,
I am happy to meet you on site.

Q: How much do you cost?
A: It varies, depending on the size and duration
of the job. The following is an indication of
architectural fees, calculated as a percentage of
construction cost: 1.0% for concept + 2.0% for DA
+ 4.0% for construction drawings.

Size of project
Q: What is the largest project you can you handle?
A: I manage projects up to $40 million in construction
value. An example is the five star, 180 room,
Carlyle Hotel in Mackay QLD.

Q: What is the smallest project you will look at?
A: I undertake projects starting from $50,000.00.
An example is the series of changes to reception,
courtyard, library and basement at NIDA, each
section of work being small.

Type of project
Q: Do you also design houses?
A: Yes, I am happy to look at any residential

Non-commercial enquiries
Q: I do not have a specific project but am
interested in culture and architecture.
Can I contact you?
A: Happy to have a chat. Exchanging ideas and
opinions is valuable. I have been a tutor at the
University of Sydney, and a guest lecturer
at TAFE. And for years, Jensen Young PL has
been a regular financial supporter of FBi Radio,
which promotes local music and the arts
community, in Sydney.